Garden Entrance at MoMA, New York Cit

On the Bank of Lago Fagnano
Tierra Del Fuego

“Norman Seider's work has a European and American sensibility. There are stories and ghosts with each image. His light is mysterious. There is poetry and there are things to discover in his photographs which are very black and white.”

Jean Claude Lemagny, Director,
Department of Photography, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris

Opening Scenes . . . another book with Norman Seider's wonderful black and white images. Opening Scenes shows Seider's background as a moviemaker and director. The images represent that moment when the curtain rises and you look at the stage, waiting for the actors to appear.”

Tom Abrahamsson, Viewfinder Magazine

Odyssey - Patagonia to the Antarctic . . . Patagonia, Argentina, is the type of place that has inspired adventurers since the age of Magellan. Seider has followed in their footsteps, camera in hand, giving us copious examples of both the beauty and harshness of this particular end of the world. All exquisitely rendered in black and white.”

Darius Himes, Editor, Photo Eye Booklist

"In Norman Seider's landscapes the present time seems banished. The mood is mysterious, a reverberation of the past ...belonging to no particular moment at all, simply falling outside of any time frame. Yet we are then curious to know what event or in which film should we expect to encounter such landscapes."

Marc Peschke, Leica Fotografie International

"Odyssey - Patagonia to the extraordinary selection of photographs. "

Joaquin Cortes, La Fotografia

"Opening Scenes.... 'The visual depth in Seider's photographs contribute to their disquieting atmosphere. The physical and metaphysical space is deeply unsettling. Seider finds older sections of European cities, with their timeworn architecture and narrow, winding streets evoking ghosts and echoes of the past."

Dean Brierly, Black&White Magazine


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